Getting nutrition
Application for organizing individual and family meals
foodix = food+fix
* Not a food delivery service
Large database of recipes with flexible filtering
Your personal nutritionist is always at hand
Convenient calendar for making menus
The most detailed cooking process
Complete control over calories & macros
Accurate shopping lists
for store or ordering
Cooking is easy! Each recipe is accompanied by a step-by-step photo and / or video instruction that displays the kitchen utensils necessary for cooking.
Even if you haven't been a great kitchen before, it is now easy to become an expert in the field of cooking delicious and healthy food.
An impressive and constantly growing database of recipes verified in composition and taste, and cooking conditions (time, difficulty, kitchenware, national cuisine etc.) will make it easy to choose dishes for the most discerning gourmets.
Foodix is a true "electronic nutritionist"! Flexible filtering to find recipes that match the conditions and dietary needs of any user, from traditional home cooking to keto, vegan and many other dietary regimes.
A clear calendar showing all meals for one user or for the whole family makes it easy to manage the diet.
Switching display options will help you calculate and prepare food for one or several people at once.
Уникальный алгоритм расчета порций автоматически рассчитывает калории, белки, жиры и углеводы, позволяя контролировать ежедневные макросы.
Accurate grocery lists can save you time and money. You no longer have to throw away unused food or spend money on food in cafes and restaurants because you have not thought about what you will eat.
Access from mobile devices and computer
Adding up to 6 family members
Adding your own recipes (Coming soon!)
Ordering products from the app (Coming soon!)
recipe database
Dishes for every taste
and needs
A constantly growing database of perfectly balanced recipes with extensive filtration will help you find dishes for all occasions and for any preferences
Register in the application and get access to an extensive recipe database with a module for accurate calculation of calories & macros
foodix benefits
We solve nutrition planning problems
Идея foodix заложена в названии: food [фуд] - еда, пища и fix [фикс] - приводить в порядок, налаживать, регулировать, чинить, ремонтировать, готовить.
Nutrition is a natural process that accompanies us throughout our lives. Planning nutrition is a multi-component task that requires special skills and time-consuming.
Diet planning is a challenge for today's urban dwellers. In order to keep under control the process of organizing food and its quality, you need to have a lot of free time and have special knowledge.
The sophisticated Foodix® interface is unmatched and makes planning a meal for one person or a whole family simple, straightforward and convenient. Easy selection of recipes, automatic calculation of portions, convenient calendar and generation of lists for going to the store.
Chaotic buying of products that do not add up to dishes leads to a situation when the refrigerator is full and there is nothing to eat. There is a need to constantly buy additional ingredients due to the impossibility of accurately calculating the required amount.
Foodix® generates accurate shopping lists based on the compiled menu. You buy only the necessary products, which will always be enough to provide yourself and your family with a varied and complete diet.
Unused food is spoiled and thrown away. Uncontrolled spending on fast, ready-made or semi-prepared food (home delivery orders, food in cafes, restaurants, etc.), because it is not planned and prepared at home.
Meal planning with Foodix® optimizes food spending. You do not throw away unused products, do not buy too much and do not waste your budget for catering, because you always know what you will eat and are sure that hunger will not be caught by surprise.
Mostly the diet consists of the same familiar dishes, which leads to dissatisfaction with food, eating disorders, and also to a deficiency in the nutritional composition of food.
The application provides a wide and constantly updated recipe database for any tastes and needs of users. Foodix® proves that it is easy to eat tasty, healthy and varied!
What is there to be in great shape? How to choose the optimal diet for yourself, taking into account the individual characteristics of the organism or special health conditions?
Foodix® is a true electronic nutritionist. Wide filtering options will help you find dishes that meet the needs of any person, regardless of his preferences and goals.
Poor cooking skills lead to monotonous and unhealthy eating habits. Quickly preparing dumplings, noodles, and food that is not satisfying or healthy.
Foodix® contains a unique database of the most detailed recipes, including photos / videos and step-by-step descriptions of the cooking process, a list of kitchen equipment and an accurate list of ingredients. Cooking with us is easy and understandable even for a beginner.
Keeping track of calories by painstaking calculations and adding each product from each meal to special programs is extremely uncomfortable in the long run. At the same time, exceeding the daily caloric content of only 100 kcal (compared to energy costs) can lead to a weight gain of 5 kg per year.
The built-in automatic display of calories, proteins, fats and carbohydrates in each planned recipe and the total automatic calculation of daily values allow you to completely control and build the optimal diet for users from tasty and healthy food.
Time is the most valuable resource a person has. To regularly plan a complete and varied diet, you need to spend a lot of time, be immersed in the topic, look for new recipes, be able to determine their benefits, create an individual menu and plan purchases with mathematical precision.
The unique functionality of Foodix® was created specifically for the quick creation of an individual menu for a family of up to 6 people. The application significantly saves time, while improving the quality of food, frees up time for family, self-development, career and many other important things in the life of a modern person.
A modern person needs to solve a large number of daily tasks. Catering is one of the key tasks that accompany us throughout our lives. The chaos in this matter leads to constant background stress: What to eat? How to feed your family? What to give a child to school? ... etc.
Foodix® optimizes food management processes, eliminates the need for daily decision making and relieves constant background stress. Calmness in this matter and improves the quality of life and
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User reviews
Thanks for the app
Elena 0710 (App Store)
I plan meals for the whole family using the app. Full control over processes. Nicely implemented. All purchases are made according to the lists from the application. Very comfortably.
Food fire!
Bag 111 (App Store)
Convenient, simple application with delicious recipes in the "all in one" format.
He will tell you what to cook for breakfast / lunch / dinner, give you useful tips, calculate the proportions for an ideal dish and will keep a diary of kbzh himself!
Very comfortably! ) thanks ;)
Health Inspirational Recipes
tanyabrikos (App Store)
There are many recipes, they are thought out, coolly illustrated, at first glance, they are simple and - they inspire to cook healthy food
Found what I've been looking for
user_135792468 (App Store)
I have long wanted to find a similar application that would give you free to watch cool recipes that are conveniently scheduled, and also make it possible to enter these data into your meal calendar. In addition, it is clearly a nice bonus that the application does not crash, which often happens with other newcomers to the market)
Solves problems with catering
Tyros P (App Store)
Cool application. It is convenient to select dishes according to your needs, plan menus in advance and generate shopping lists. Thanks to the developers!
Cool application
Nele4ka87 (App Store)
I liked it very much, the recipes are simple, but it turns out like in a restaurant. The navigation is clear. I highly recommend it!
Great app!
1987Anuta (App Store)
I have never seen anything like it.
Clear interface, variety of recipes,
counting calories. A meal and cooking plan for the whole family. And handy grocery lists.
Indeed, my head no longer hurts.
I recommend to download
Maliena2006 (App Store)
An excellent app for those who are losing weight or have decided to eat right! You can eat deliciously and lose weight at the same time. Interesting recipes, you can choose recipes for the right amount of calories, choose the complexity of the recipe, cooking time and much more, even a beginner in the kitchen can find something before him.
Health Inspirational Recipes
Tanyabrikos (App Store)
There are many recipes, they are thought out, coolly illustrated, at first glance, they are simple and - they inspire to cook healthy food
Where have you been before?)
Maria1304 (App Store)
I no longer worry about how to feed my family and how to plan purchases so that there is always something to cook food from. I just buy all the ingredients according to the list that is generated automatically and cook according to the instructions. The app completely changed the way we look at the planning process. This is a breakthrough. Thanks to the developers !!!
Helps to save money. Very like.
AnnaPR (App Store)
Spending a lot on food outside the home was a real problem for me. Every day the same story: in the morning I ran out to work and bought breakfast in city coffee shops, and in the evening I returned hungry to the empty refrigerator. As a result, out of fatigue, I ordered the delivery of junk food to my home. And so in a circle. Money literally flew away due to the inability to plan purchases and think over what I would eat. Bottom line: minus in the wallet, plus at the waist. This app is a real game changer! I have been using it for more than a month and I feel that I am now in complete control of the situation. I highly recommend working girls who look after themselves!
We buy what we need and there is always something to eat
The app helps you eat better and spend less. All ingredients are calculated according to the menu I have compiled, there are no unnecessary products left from which it is not clear what to cook. And which lie idle in the refrigerator, and then go to the trash heap. And now there is no such thing that the refrigerator is full, do not understand what, and what to cook from this is not clear. Usually, thinking near such a refrigerator ended in unnecessary spending on customized ready-made food.
Variety of food on top
We enjoy using the app and it has changed the concept of family nutrition. If earlier we prepared the same thing, now it is some previously unknown space of options, which is drawn from the application. Everything is prepared quickly and technically. Great to say.
Helper for special nutritional needs
My son and I are gluten and lactose intolerant. What to cook, what to feed and what to give to your son to school is a real problem, especially when there are only bakery and everything harmful in the school buffet. I'm really glad I found this app. Many recipes among which it is easy to filter out what suits us. Thanks a lot!
plans and functionality
Free trial period for 1 week (you can cancel your subscription at any time)
0 руб./USD
299 ₽
2699 ₽
Additional features to save money and time on catering
Payment via web version
on the site app.foodix.me
При оплате через web-версию
на сайте app.foodix.me
(3588 ₽ /year)
(224 ₽ /month)
(59,88 USD/year)
Payment via
iOS and Android apps
4,99 USD
(Free trial period for 1 week + easy cancellation at any time)
✓ Unlimited access to hundreds of recipes
✓ Advanced filtering for recipe search
✓ Calories, macros and ingredients per serving
+ Compiling a menu in a convenient calendar
+ Building a shopping list
+ Filter by multiple diets
+ Adding recipes to "Favorites"
+ Add up to 6 family members
+ Add your own recipes (Coming soon!)
Register on any device, use as convenient
✓ Search for recipes by products
+ Individual serving size & macros
+ Order groceries at home (Coming soon!)
Credit cards of countries
other than the Russia*
Russian credit cards **
* Cards of any countries, except those issued in Russia
** Cards issued in Russia
+ Adjustment of the individual plan
+ Auto-calculations for cooking
App for
Android Phones
Foodix® is a handy cross-platform application. You can log in through the app.foodix.me website and download the application to your mobile phone.
Registration is available both on the website and from the apps. We recommend paying for additional functions through the app.foodix.me website, but you can also use applications.
install the application
Get started today! ...
... and fully automate the catering process according to your individual needs and the needs of the whole family
Join foodix communities on social media. Useful information, inspiration and healthy eating ideas every day
The name "Foodix" is formed from two English words: food [food] - food, food and fix [fix] - to put in order, adjust, regulate, repair, repair, cook.
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